Watching Magnus play chess

The FIDE Chess World Championship between Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi takes place Nov 24 - Dec 16 2021 in Dubai.

Watching Magnus play chess live makes you think that chess is a very simple game.

Magnus Carlsen won the world chess championship in 2013 at age 22 and has successfully defended it three times (this will be the forth time) since then.

Thanks to internet, million people around the world have the opportunity to watch him play chess live.

During the advanced class in Bertrange, the young members of our club had the chance to watch one of his games and guess (some times successfully) his next move!

Carlsen is a great role model for pursuing excellence - not just in chess, but in any field. He is possibly closer than anyone else has been to perfecting the science of chess.

On Friday 3rd of December, Magnus Carlsen won the longest game in World Chess Championship history after almost 8 hours and 136 moves.

Do you still believe that chess is just a game?

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