How to play better

Do want to get your chess level to the next level?

You must always have in your mind the three parts of learning chess.


As you might already know, to improve your level, you need to practise. Don’t be afraid of losing, remember that every defeat offers you a good lesson. In this step, it is better for you to play classic games because in these games you have more time to think and also these are the only games you can analyse.


The coach can tell you how to maximize your tournament experience, explain any mistakes during a game, propose a better plan on a critical position, teach you some basic endgames and give you some advice on how to play the opening.


It is time to solve more demanding chess combinations, in two or three moves. You have to work also alone at home. Don’t forget that chess is also a game so, instead of playing other games, you can spend some time solving chess puzzles.

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